In a stunning twist, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that he is ready to negotiate with Ukraine over the ongoing conflict in the region, according to Reuters. But wait, wasn’t it just ten months ago that Putin launched a full-blown assault on Ukraine, seizing control of several territories, including Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia?

Yes, it was. So what could have possibly changed since then to make Putin suddenly willing to talk about peace? Could it be that he’s realized the error of his ways and wants to make amends for his aggressive actions? Ha! Let’s not be fooled by this sudden change of heart.

No, it seems that Putin is simply trying to save face as he sees that he’s losing the battle against Ukraine. He’s hoping that if he can get Ukraine to agree to leave him the territories he captured, he’ll have time to regroup and prepare for another round of attacks. But Kyiv isn’t falling for it, stating that Moscow has no genuine interest in negotiations and is simply looking for a way to buy time.

It’s clear that Putin’s offer to negotiate with Ukraine is nothing more than a desperate ploy to distract from his own aggressive actions and to try and portray himself as the victim in this conflict. So let’s all take a moment to laugh at Putin’s ridiculous offer and remember not to fall for his tactics. After all, this is the same man who invaded a sovereign country and then had the audacity to offer peace talks. What a joke.

By Eden Reports

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