As pet owners, our top priority is the well-being and safety of our beloved dogs.

While rawhide, rib bones, and similar treats have long been popular choices for dogs, there are growing concerns about their potential as choking hazards. Some dogs may struggle to digest rawhide, leading to indigestion or stomach pain, while others may chew off large pieces and risk blocking their esophagus. As a result, many people have turned to rawhide alternatives as safer options.

However, consumers are reporting that one popular brand of rawhide alternative is causing harm rather than helping, with reports of illness, vomiting, and even a potential death of one dog after consuming these treats, according to the New York Post.

DreamBone, a brand of dog chews manufactured by Spectrum Brands Holdings, has come under fire from worried pet owners and food safety organizations after being linked to instances of sickness in dogs. reports that one such case is that of Liz Brannen, a Texas resident whose Pekingese, Boogie, became sick and passed away within 24 hours of consuming a DreamBone treat. While Boogie began vomiting and having bloody diarrhea not long after eating the treat, her owner claims that she had been in good health prior to consuming the treat.

Safely HQ, a consumer watchdog site that tracks complaints about potentially dangerous products, has received over 70 complaints about DreamBone in 2022 alone. These incidents have caused concern among pet owners and raised questions about the safety of DreamBone products.

It’s important to remember that sometimes pet illnesses or stomach upsets are unavoidable accidents.

However, just because a pet product is available for purchase doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe. Some pet food brands have a history of contamination issues or use low-quality ingredients, leading to outbreaks of illness in pets.

To protect your furry friends, it’s crucial to do your research before purchasing treats or food. Look into the brand’s history, including any past or current recalls. While a single recall doesn’t necessarily mean a brand should be avoided, a frequent history of complaints should be a cause for caution. Don’t risk the health and well-being of your companion by choosing an untested or questionable brand.

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