Seattle’s beloved burger spot known for its succulent burgers, hand-cut fries, and rich, classic shakes, has been a favorite for over 67 years.

To commemorate its 69th anniversary, Dick’s Drive-In will be offering a special deal for its customers.

On select days, customers can purchase a cheeseburger or hamburger for the original price of 19 cents, just like it was in 1954.

To ensure that all customers can participate in the celebration, the promotion will be held over three consecutive days at different locations.

Customers are limited to one 19-cent burger per person and must be present at the drive-in window to redeem the offer.

See the list of dates and locations below for more information.

Dick’s Drive-In 19-cent Burger Day Locations

Tuesday, January 24th: Wallingford & Broadway

Wednesday, January 25th: Lake City, Holman Road & Crossroads

Thursday, January 26th: Edmonds, Queen Anne & Kent

For more information, visit: What’s Your 19¢ Day? | Facebook and Dick’s Drive-In: Home (

About Dick’s Drive-In

In the early 1950s, fast food was not as accessible or affordable as it is today. The idea of a drive-in restaurant where customers could easily park, quickly get their food, and pay less was a novel concept.

In 1954, 29-year-old Dick Spady and his partners took a chance and opened the first Dick’s Drive-In in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle.

The restaurant’s philosophy has always been to keep the menu simple and classic, focusing on burgers, fries, and shakes. This approach has remained consistent throughout the years, with only a few menu changes such as the addition of two new burgers in 1971 and the replacement of orange soda with diet Coke.

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