Hair loss can be a challenging issue with various causes, including genetics.

However, it is also influenced by factors such as age, stress, anxiety, sleep hygiene, and diet.

A recent study has suggested that consuming sugary drinks, including energy drinks, may contribute to hair loss in men.

The reasoning behind the scientists’ thinking is explained in their publication in the peer-reviewed journal Nutrients.

The study, conducted by Chinese scientists from Tsinghua University in Beijing, involved 1,000 men.

The results showed that consuming excessive amounts of energy drinks, as well as carbonated drinks, sports drinks, and sweetened tea and coffee, can increase the likelihood of experiencing male pattern hair loss.

To arrive at their conclusion, the participants in the study were instructed to consume between one and three liters of sweetened drinks per week.

Afterward, the researchers evaluated the effects of the drinks on men’s hair health.

The results showed that those who consumed more than one sweetened drink per day had a 42 percent higher risk of experiencing hair loss compared to men who did not consume any of the beverages.

Additionally, the men who reported experiencing hair loss also stated that they consumed an average of 12 sweetened drinks per week.

It’s unclear if your energy drink consumption is directly causing your hair loss, but it’s possible that it may be contributing to it.

The study in question had a limited sample size and relied on self-reported information, so it’s important to consider other research and consult with a healthcare professional before drawing any definitive conclusions.

The men in the study kept a log of their dietary and drinking habits, including notes on their emotional well-being.

It was also discovered that those who reported experiencing anxiety were more susceptible to hair loss, as were those who consumed a diet high in fast food and low in vegetables.

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