Democrats are reportedly launching attacks on John Durham’s probe, anticipating its end.

Critics say they aim to discredit Durham’s work, accusing him of “abuses of power” as Special Counsel, as reported by The Hill.

Senator Dick Durbin is spearheading this response, referencing a recent New York Times report that states, “These reports about abuses in Special Counsel Durham’s investigation—so outrageous that even his longtime colleagues quit in protest—are but one of many instances where former President Trump and his allies weaponized the Justice Department.”

“The Justice Department should work on behalf of the American people, not for the personal benefit of any president,” he added. “As we wait for the results of ongoing internal reviews, the Senate Judiciary Committee will do its part and take a hard look at these repeated episodes, and the regulations and policies that enabled them, to ensure such abuses of power cannot happen again.”

Durham’s investigation has received support from Trump and his followers while being labeled as “politically motivated” by Democrats who view Robert Mueller as their hero.

Durham has achieved a single successful conviction, with former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleading guilty to altering a document during the renewal of FISA surveillance on Carter Page. Page was a former foreign policy adviser for the Trump campaign. Clinesmith was not sentenced to any jail time and was only given a one-year ban from practicing law.

As of December, the investigation led by Special Counsel John Durham into the FBI’s inquiry into the links between former President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia has reportedly cost at least $6.5 million over the past two years, according to the Daily Wire.

This cost is a mere fraction of the $32 million spent on Mueller’s unsuccessful investigation.

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