Joe Biden and former President Bill Clinton commemorated the 30th anniversary of the Family and Medical Leave Act with remarks delivered by Biden at the White House on Thursday.

Clinton signed the law in 1993.

During his speech in the East Room, Joe Biden made his usual debunked claims, such as stating that “wages are up” and that his economic plan has brought “real progress” for the working class.

Unfortunately, there were instances when his cognitive abilities appeared to be diminished.

At one point, he mistakenly referred to the White House as the “United States Congress” while welcoming former President Bill Clinton.

“I’m so happy to be able to welcome my president back to the United States Congress—back to the United States Capitol, and he’s promised me that I’ll be able to sit at my desk tomorrow,” Biden stated.

After referring to a former U.S. president as “my president,” mixing up the White House with the Congress, and indicating that he requires permission to sit at his desk, he went on to say, “More than half the women in my administration are women.”

Rasmussen Reports reveals that over 66% of U.S. voters believe that Biden should undergo a cognitive test.

Additionally, unlike Trump, Biden declined to undergo an annual cognitive assessment, despite being the oldest president to ever serve in the United States.

It is moments like these that make this decision seem questionable.

It appears that Biden might maintain his distinction as the oldest-serving president, as his former White House Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, has strongly indicated that Biden intends to run for reelection in 2024, even at the age of 86, should he serve a full second term, with him saying, “I look forward to being on your side when you run for president in 2024.”

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