During his State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Joe Biden stated that the disease outbreak’s impact on the economy was so severe that even mobile phones and refrigerators were laid off from their jobs.

Biden was referring to the worldwide shortage of chips as he recounted the difficulties faced by struggling electronics and appliances.

“There weren’t enough chips!” Biden said. “Car prices went up. People got laid off. So did everything – from refrigerators to cellphones.”

BIDEN: “There weren’t enough chips. Car prices went up. People got laid off. So did everything from refrigerators to cell phones.” 🤔 pic.twitter.com/iPdGvdRrZP — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) February 8, 2023

Biden’s Republican critics took this incident as an opportunity to mock and criticize him for his perceived shortcomings.

I have several friends who are refrigerators & cell phones. They are no longer unemployed thanks to Biden. — Definitely a Real Person (@InBaggyTrousers) February 8, 2023

Wait the refrigerators and cell phones were laid off? Damn https://t.co/CUFG2ToIdI
— Jake Schneider (@jacobkschneider) February 8, 2023

As per the official White House transcript, Biden’s speech intended to mention that the prices of mobile phones and refrigerators had increased, not that they lost their jobs.

However, many Americans believe that the Biden administration’s policies have resulted in financial difficulties for actual human beings, not for machines.

Amidst the recent wave of layoffs in the tech industry, the economy only saw a modest increase of 223,000 jobs in December, the lowest growth in two years.

According to a CBS News/YouGov poll, 77% of voters believe that the situation in America is either “somewhat” or “very” unfavorable. Additionally, 69% have a negative view of the economy, perceiving it as “fairly” or “very” bad. Furthermore, 56% of respondents disapprove of President Biden’s performance in handling his presidential duties.

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