The Church of Satan responded to the criticism received from conspiracy theorists and right-wing individuals regarding Sam Smith and Kim Petras’s performance at the Grammy Awards.

During the performance of the duet “Unholy” at the awards ceremony on February 5th, Smith donned a devilish red hat with horns while Petras danced in a cage surrounded by fiery performers wielding red whips. The blazing flames behind the performers heightened the already electrifying performance.

Several conspiracy theorists and individuals with right-wing beliefs have responded to the images circulating on the web, connecting them to satanic practices.

“They say don’t wage culture wars,” said conservative commentator Liz Wheeler. “Meanwhile, demons are teaching your children to worship Satan. I might throw up.”

Matt Walsh, a right-wing blogger, commented, “It’s not surprising to see a satanic ritual at the Grammys. Satanism is self—worship. In this sense, much of modern pop music is satanic. Leftism is Satanism. The only change is that now they are talking about it more openly.”

Now, the Church of Satan has issued a response, with Magister David Harris informing TMZ that they believe Smith and Petras’ performance was “normal” and “nothing special.”

In regards to the allegations that the show was a satanic ritual, Harris remarked, “It’s sad when politicians on the national stage use someone’s religion as a highlight.”

He also referred to anyone offended by the show as “gentle snowflakes.”

Elon Musk took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the speech.

He wrote, “Vibrations of the end of days.”

In response to a Twitter user who commented that the speech “kind of sucks,” Elon quipped, “If it’s Satan, we have nothing to worry about.”

Madonna took the stage and introduced Smith and Petras, kickstarting the event by posing a question to the audience: “Are you ready for a little argument?”

She went on to reveal what her career taught her, mostly that “if you are called shocking, scandalous, problematic, problematic, provocative or dangerous, you definitely understand something.”

“Unholy” earned Petras and her collaborator two awards for Best Pop Performance by a Duo/Group. During her acceptance speech, Petras honored the memory of the late DJ and producer SOPHIE, as well as paying tribute to Madonna and her own mother.

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