Well, that probably did not go as planned.

A farmer whose property was targeted by vocal anti-fracking activists faced a group of protestors who trespassed onto his land to make their objections known.

The farmer took action to disperse the demonstration.

As evidenced, not all protests unfold as intended.

A striking example is a past demonstration by vegans who attached themselves to equipment at a duck farm, which nearly resulted in a tragic outcome for one participant when he almost got his head chopped off.

Then, there was also the incident of vegan activists jumping in front of a livestock truck to protest the slaughter of animals and nearly getting slaughtered themselves in the process.

While it should have long become obvious to avoid angering farmers or attaching yourself to dangerous equipment that you don’t know how to handle, that doesn’t stop the occasional Darwin award contestant from doing something stupid.

In this scenario, the farmer performs his best Dale Jr impression, navigating the herd with accuracy and showering them with manure as he circles around the group of protestors in a giant truck with a sprinkler attached.

This technique is precise, trapping them with no escape and causing chaos and destruction.

Clothes and shoes are ruined, and everyone is covered in mess – exactly as planned.

Here is the video posted to Twitter the other day showing the truck leaving a trail of destruction as it sprays manure every which way. Needless to say, the activists probably would not be so enthusiastic about protesting on someone else’s land again any time soon.

By Eden Reports

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