Migrants dissatisfied with New York City’s crime and uncleanliness are relocating to Canada, with bus fare paid for by New York taxpayers, according to the New York Post.

Migrants have reported that National Guard soldiers have been assisting with the distribution of tickets at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan for those who wish to travel upstate before crossing the border into Canada.

According to a City Hall source, Mayor Eric Adams’ administration is funding various companies that offer programs for migrants, which includes assistance with “re-ticketing” for travel to other cities.

Additionally, the source stated that several nonprofit organizations, including Catholic Charities, are providing support for migrants looking to leave NYC.

“I wanted to live in New York because I thought it would be a better future for my daughters,” one migrant said. “But as the days went by, I saw insecurity, many homeless people, many people who shout and are disrespectful, and many people on drugs.”

“I am going to Canada for the safety and future of my girls,” she added. “I only ask God that everything goes well and that Canada is not like the United States.”

“A lot of the Americans used drugs there,” another migrant said. “I feel like Canada will be safer. It is a much quieter country than America.”

Multiple crime rate reports indicate that Canada experiences lower levels of violence and crime compared to the United States on a national scale.

This news comes in light of NYC Mayor Eric Adams stressing that the city has “no more room, but we’re still finding spaces and accommodating, and we’re going to continue to do that.”

As Canada boasts of receiving a record number of new permanent residents in 2022, affirming its reputation as a welcoming destination for those seeking a new life abroad, NYC may have reached an agreement with Canada’s government to increase its migrant population.

Canada is relying heavily on immigration to fill the void created by the retirement of the aging Baby Boomer workforce.

Recently, the federal government revealed its ambitious plan to accept 500,000 immigrants annually by 2025, with an estimated 1.5 million newcomers expected to arrive in the country in the next three years.

The figures released by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada indicate that Canada admitted over 437,000 new permanent residents in 2022, equivalent to 1.1% of the country’s total population, and is seeking more.

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