Hunter Biden’s art dealer praised his work by calling him “one of the most consequential artists in this century” as House Republicans continue to launch more investigations into his art business and sales now that they hold the majority in the House.

As part of the Republican Party’s ongoing investigation into President Joe Biden and his family, Kentucky Republican James Comer, the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has sent a letter to art dealer, Georges Bergès, requesting information about the sale of Hunter Biden’s artwork.

In the letter, Comer states that despite being a novice artist, Hunter Biden received significant amounts of money from the sale of his artwork, yet the identities of the buyers remain unknown, and Bergès appears to be the sole record keeper of these transactions.

This is not the first time that Republicans have requested information from Bergès, but previous requests were ignored when the party was in the minority.

Comer has requested that George Berges, the art dealer for Joe Biden’s son, provide documents and sales receipts. It is uncertain if Berges will comply with the request.

“I am unable to comment at this time and will direct any inquiries to my legal representative. I want to assure you that my top priority has always been and will continue to be, safeguarding the rights of our artists and protecting the privacy of our art collectors,” Berges told on Fox News Digital.

Berges expressed high admiration for Hunter Biden’s art, describing it as a powerful representation of the “unrelenting divinity within each of us.” He emphasized that the artwork produced by the controversial figure is “needed in this world.”

Hunter Biden’s reported earnings of $375,000 for painting just five pieces of artwork is significantly higher than the average salary earned by American artists, which is five times less.

“You have advertised that Hunter Biden’s latest artwork ranges in price from $55,000 to $225,000. It is concerning that President Biden’s son is the recipient of anonymous, high-dollar transactions…with no accountability or oversight (other than you),” Comer said in a letter to Bergès.

The Soho art gallery owner replied that the President’s son’s artwork tells a story that showcases the beauty of humanity, as it demonstrates the strength to rise, the character to change, and the courage to do so.

If Berges fails to comply with the demands of the Oversight Committee, the Republican majority on the panel may vote to use a subpoena to force him to provide evidence and testimony. This could potentially lead to criminal charges for Berges.

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