During a speech on Thursday afternoon, President Joe Biden addressed the topic of economic progress and the ongoing efforts to pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill.

During the speech, he stated, “The Biden economic plan, because of you all, is actually working.  It’s working… We’re moving in the right direction.  Now we’ve got to protect those gains.  We’ve got to protect those gains that our policies have generated — protect them from the MAGA Republicans in the House of Representatives who are threatening to destroy this progress… They want to raise your gas prices… They want to impose a 30 percent national sales tax on everything from food, clothing, school supplies, housing, cars — a whole deal… And, folks, the reason they want to do that — they want to eliminate the income tax system…And beyond that, they’re actually threatening to have us default on the American debt.” 

On Monday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced significant backlash on social media following her alleged assertion that House Republicans are seeking to increase gasoline prices during a press conference.

The President went on to say, “Why in God’s name would the Americans give up the progress we’ve made for the chaos they’re suggesting? I don’t get it. That’s why the MAGA Republicans deliberately choose to inflict this kind of pain on the American people…I will not let it happen. Not on my watch. I will veto everything they send me.”

Recently, Republicans reportedly requested reductions in future spending as a condition for increasing the debt ceiling, which is an uncommon approach. Meanwhile, Democrats are refusing to accept any conditions and are insisting on raising the debt ceiling without any additional requirements.  

Republicans have also argued that, as they no longer hold the presidency, they should not be held responsible for the rise in U.S. gas prices or the current economic policy.

The economy remains a concern for many Americans under the Biden Administration. The combination of high inflation and stagnant growth, along with job losses and sluggish wage increases, have contributed to a lack of confidence in the nation’s economic future.

Some suggest that instead of pointing fingers and placing blame, both political sides should start working to achieve economic progress.

By Eden Reports

Eden Reports is a Seattle-based news reporter with a focus on a wide range of topics, including local news, politics, and the economy.

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