NYC Mayor Eric Adams has called on the Biden Administration for assistance in addressing the growing migration crisis.

He stated in a speech on Tuesday: “I’m speaking directly to the [Biden] administration – this is a problem that we must have a resolution both from Congress and the [Department of] Immigration, but the administration needs to deal with the immediate need that we have.”

The city’s mayor went on to say, “Yes, we are speaking directly to the Biden administration, and yes, when it comes down to the coordination…when it comes down to the decompression strategy…when it comes down making sure we find ways to allow people to work, so they don’t have to sit only around all day. Yes, I’m speaking directly to the administration. This is a problem that we must have a resolution to, both from Congress and the Immigration, but the administration needs to deal with the immediate need that we have.”

Adams has established that he will not entertain the idea of ending or pausing the city’s sanctuary policies, despite the recent surge of migrants from the southern border.

On Tuesday, the Mayor firmly declared that this is “not on the agenda at all.”

However, the city may be quickly running out of room. A whistleblower reports cramped conditions for migrants in the city, explaining that over 36,400 migrants have entered the Big Apple in the last couple of months and have been housed by officials at only 14 hotels

Adams has stressed that the city has “no more room, but we’re still finding spaces and accommodating, and we’re going to continue to do that.”

“That is our law, that is our obligation, and that is what’s morally right,” he continued. “We’re going to do that.”

The city’s attempt to relocate some of the migrants to emergency shelters caused widespread unrest as they rebelled against the plan. The migrants, who had been provided with complimentary meals and services at hotels, were unwilling to abandon their comfortable accommodations.

The city aims to accommodate families at the Watson Hotel by relocating single men to a temporary shelter in Brooklyn.

However, migrants and advocates criticize the poor conditions at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal shelter, claiming it’s inadequate with cold temperatures, limited bathroom access, and restricted meal times.

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