video was posted on Twitter today by an anonymous user, depicting a dangerous attempt by two vegans to stop a truck carrying livestock.

The video starts with a male vegan with a beard, who explains that they are protesting at the Fearman’s Pork Slaughterhouse in Canada, where “10,000 lives are taken daily” for “nothing more than satisfying human taste buds.”

The vegan gestures towards a livestock truck, indicating that it is carrying “around 300 animals,” as he puts it.

He declares that he and his fellow vegans will engage in a game of Russian Roulette to stop the truck from proceeding.

“We’re going to stop this truck, so we can bear witness,” the vegan announces.

Then, he and the other vegan walk to stand directly in front of the truck and narrowly avoid getting hit by the massive truck as the driver likely has trouble seeing them, eliciting screams of “Oh my God” as the truck drives away.

After failing to halt the truck and nearly causing himself to be turned into mincemeat over an anti-meat cause, the bearded vegan reappears in the video and succinctly points out the obvious:

“Well, I almost got run over.”

He then goes on to describe the truck driver as a “lunatic” and complains about how livestock truck drivers do not respect human or animal life.

Individuals who have a concern for animal welfare should not admire those who engage in senseless and dangerous acts. Instead, they should focus on backing local animal shelters or organizations that make a significant impact, such as the White Coat Waste Project.

By Eden Reports

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